Frequently Asked Question About Personal Training London

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Frequently Asked Question About Personal Training London

Frequently ask why 

Having Scott as your personal trainer in Battersea in London.

Frequently ask about Scott. Is a YMCA master personal trainer in London and certified master C.H.E.K Practitioner, level 5 diet and lifestyle coach, level 3 and sport massage therapist MTA Metabolic Typing level 2 and energy healer, Naturopath, book author he coached clients for over 22 years and he loves his job with deep passion.specialises in lower back pain, and sports performance, and body and mind health Specialist in London. 

C.H.E.K Qualifications take professional personal trainer and fitness coach a to a higher level of understanding of the functions and dysfunctions  of the human body through assessment. Of workout and life style. And body movement, posture core. So they Understand exactly what your unique body needs and what nutritional changes, stretches, exercise programmes and many other therapies  are use bring a body back to. Into to state Homeostasis this is a must to achieve peak health for a great long healthy life.

Expert understanding. Both how the body moves and why it responds when not in homeostasis and how your Heath comes back to when you body is balance. Scott is one the best qualified personal trainers in London, having undergone training of years and 38 courses. Far beyond the highest recognised UK standards

Can you train me in my gym?

Yes if have home Park of office but  if have gym membership many gyms have there own personal trainer some may let me  if I pay fee but it will be added to the price you pay me 

What do I do if have an injury or medical condition.? 

At active bryant systems. Get a consultation, that will cover your exercise and lifestyle history, and fitness levels, and medical history, and injuries, and anything that may influence your training workout. With the pain tree system. We have helped hundreds of clients Or recover and to prevent injuries, including many who just want to return to a more active lifestyle. After. lock down, or just living a sedentary lifestyle.

Do I need to buy fitness equipment  ?

Yes only if we are doing home fitness training, but if we are training in the gym all we need is in the gym, you may need buy some home Fitness kit you need to buy to help with pain management.and posture realignment.

Do I need to pay the gym? 

No it included in the price you pay Scott.

Cancellation Policy?

Our cancellation policy is your need to give Scott 24 hours notice if cant make your training session.Unfortunately, after that you will, that you will have to pay charges for your session to protect our time. and our business.

Active Bryant Systems 

Refund Policy ?

You get 14 days to make up your mind, but after that their no refund, but can pause your session for 3 months or pass them on to a friend if Scott dose give refunds  for compassionate reasons.Use will be taken off money owed.

Children fitness training. 

mum or dad have be there for only session.

can I train with my friend.? yes you can. price will be bit more for training 2 at some time. 

How can I pay Active Bryant Fitness Systems?  

You can pay by. Monthly. direct debit or pay for advance block booking 3 months, 6 months, 12 months in Advanced and save

10% on your training session block book.In advanced save you more money.

Where do. I come for gym training sessions?   

I can make your training session

 Online, home, gyms, or park, or office,

Clapham Common, Battersea park, Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, in London,

Will you train me hard. ?

Scott put 100% into his clients.Session but he meets you were your need to take into account your moods and stress levels so only give you what you body does without over training you🙂

How long are the workout session.?

Your session with Scott is 60 minutes no longer Scott has get ready for his next client so can’t not go over time you must be on time for you session or you lose time in you session. 

Can I train with my friend?

Yes, this is ok, but the cost will be the same because Scott still have paid gym fee. But in home or in the park it ok.

Do I have to buy health.supplement?

Scott may recommend some to help with your health, but up to get them. Call or live chat on the site if need more help