FREE Pt Flexibility Assessment in London

Your flexibility is key to no pain.


Free Flexibility Assessment  in London is the key to most personal fitness training programs. After all, if we don’t know key details about the person with whom we initiating a fitness training program, how can we expect to design an effective and safe plan? Traditionally, personal trainers have learned about 4 components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Along with these components of fitness, we have learned protocols to assess our potential and current clients and design effective programs.

FREE Personal Trainer Flexibility Assessment London

C.H.E.K Practitioner in London

Before assessing someone’s range of motion and flexibility, we must be certain this person has successfully completed the health history, and has any relevant medical clearance.

As trainers, we have traditionally been taught to think in terms of muscles, and not joints. Both strength and flexibility are traditionally aligned with the performances of specific muscles or muscle groups. Strength, how much a muscle can lift or resist, and flexibility the degree in which a muscle will stretch or lengthen. However, as we begin to look at the entire joint, two key terms come into play – mobility and stability. Mobility refers to movement around the entire joint, and stability refers to the integrity of the entire joint – for example in holding a certain posture.

Personal Trainer Flexibility Assessment London

Why would need flexibility assessment 

  1. To know the the right muscles to stretch and not to guess.
  2. To help pain and inflammation.
  3. Help prevent injury.
  4. Improve posture.
  5. Help with pain.
  6. Get ready for sports and exercise.
  7. keep your flexibility after exercise.
  8. Your free flexibility will be one hour and is orthopaedic assessment.
  9. Help ease lower back pain.

Scott will that all the all Information gathered and use this to design a personal flexibility fitness program.for you to use in in your fitness workout and at night so may have hypo mobility so may not need much flexibly program.

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