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Scott is an experienced personal trainer who is master C.H.E.K certified based in London. With over 22 years of practice mentoring clients one-to-one, he is highly qualified to help you achieve any of your goals!

Scott’s holistic approach means he is adept at helping sports athletes achieve their goals and rehabilitate from injuries. Having attended over 30 professional development courses, his expertise of fitness and nutrition will guarantee athletes results. 

Scott has a wealth of experience coaching golf, kickboxers, runners and boxers in achieving their fitness goals. Working out of Energy Fitness, he offers comprehensive personal training that will allow you to build strength, mass and cardio fitness in order to perform at your peak. 

As a C.H.E.K master practitioner, level four certified, Scott is a master of corrective exercise and kinesiology. He is well trained in assessment of individuals and creating targeted exercise programs that will guarantee you results. He is able to work with rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation clients due to his CHEK certification, certified for the relevant professional skills at Energis fitness.

He has specialised skills in golf biomechanics and aiding with golf performance. He can create focused functional and conditioning programs for golfers, allowing them to achieve greatness in the sport. He is also knowledgeable of kickboxing and boxing, and can help athletes develop the strength and skills needed to be champions within the sport. 

Scott believes in the holistic approach to health and fitness. He will mentor you in the importance of balancing your healing chakras, and will provide you with expert guidance that will ensure your lifestyle goals are achieved. Scott is able to assist with posture, core and abdominal work, and has been a professional lifestyle coach for many years. Scott is even an author, having written a book based on health and wellbeing. 



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Scott is a CHEK certified holistic lifestyle coach, and will aid you in creating a strong, positive mindset that can conquer all challenges you face. He is adept in healing chakras and is able to assist you in re-balancing any of your chakras. He has received education from the respected CHEK Institute and has an understanding of Paul Chek’s Zone Exercises to aid in stress reduction and digestion. He believes in achieving your aesthetic and fitness-related goals through holistic means, supporting the development of positive mental health and mindset with all of his clients.Energis fitness . 

Scott will help to instil lasting healthy behaviours in your routine to ensure your fitness successes last long-term. Whether you want to achieve greatness within your sport, gain strength and muscle mass or lose weight, Scott has the specialised skills and professional experience to assist you.

Scott offers face-to-face one-to-one coaching, online coaching, lifestyle mentorship and holistic healing approaches. He can assist you with any of your sport performance goals or rehabilitation needs, allowing you to achieve your ambitions. He is CHEK certified and is able to assist with all holistic health needs, including the healing of chakras, creating good posture and generating core strength. His lifestyle mentorship will help you to develop a strong mindset and face life’s challenges, growing confidence and helping you to smash your goals.

Get in contact with Scott at Energie Fitness Today to see how he can revolutionise your life and mentor you to achieve all of your fitness and lifestyle dreams!

1.   We begin with a comprehensive face to face wellness assessment session, alternatively I can offer a Skype option if more convenient. We will discuss your needs and goals, and establish how best I can help you achieve them, but first we need to make some important assessments which will be key to determine the appropriate program for each client.

2. I will give you a 10-day Holistic, Diet and Lifestyle assessment questionnaire that you must take home to complete. The assessment questionnaire goes deep into your nutrition and lifestyle habits and allows me to identify the source symptoms such as pain, fatigue, stress, poor sleeping patterns, recurring injuries, and allergies. I will then tailor our approach to achieve improved nutrition, weight-loss, fitness, and of course becoming pain-free!        

trainer                                                                                                                            Wood chop assessment.

3. The next stage is diet and lab testing to establish your specific metabolic profile and identify allergies & nutritional deficiencies

4. Next is a comprehensive1-2-3-4 hour C.H.E.K kinetic chain assessment in the gym, where I will measure range of motion, flexibility, core stability, strength, speed, power and other often neglected functions like respiration, cervical spine health and movement patterns.

During our sessions the information collected helps me to create a program specifically tailored to your fitness and lifestyle objectives. I will deploy a broad array of therapy and fitness techniques to ensure a holistic approach and successful results over time.

There are four phases of training and the length of each phase is dependent upon the athletic ability of each client. Each phase will last between 4-8 weeks after which I will evaluate your progress and decide when you can move to the next level. I provide ongoing support & motivation, and constant communication to ensure targets are hit !

Call me now on 07841144878 to book an initial Free consultation of 60 mins and we will then discuss C.H.E.K Personal Trainer fees & packages. Alternatively, send me an email: – ensure you put what package you want, what dreams and goals you have, where you are in London and your phone number so I can call you.

Call me now on 07841144878 to book an initial Free consultation of 60 mins and we will then discuss C.H.E.K Personal Trainer fees & packages. Alternatively, send me an email: – ensure you put what package you want, what dreams and goals you have, where you are in London and your phone number so I can call you.