Diet And Lifestyle Coaching In London

Get the body and fitness you want!

Diet and Lifestyle coaching In London

Diet and Lifestyle coaching In London


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Doing and Making the right changes to your diet and lifestyle can be hard with the confusing and conflicting information in the media and in book.

one to one coaching is probably the most important component of our whole program.

The practical changes Scott will coach you will help you change for good and not sabotage your success.helping to get the body-and fitness you want

To Help you to make better choices, when comes to dead none life giving foods

MY approach to diet-lifestyle coaching is coaching you on foods that may to be-keeping you fat, and tired, and gaining fat. And not losing it because you’re not eating for your body type and are confused about what is right and what bad for your body. like carbohydrates, and sugar, and fats meats we coach you on getting it right to have lifelong change for your body and mind.

I give you advanced lab testing, and in-depth questionnaires and coaching on diet and lifestyle. And nutrition advice that get you results you won’t!

No one looks the same so no need to eat the same foods. what one person’s food is one persons poisson wee all have different genetic background and this needs to be taken into account.if you was born British. you would not eat same as some from China our diets should be as unique as your fingerprint

Bad health may not be your fault but up to you make the change.

it is not you that is giving you high blood pressure, elevated blood triglycerides, and excess fat around the stomach or on the hips; you have probably been following in the news and books you read and the other you hear and lifestyle will help to know and feel what right for your body.

80% are obesity epidemic is here…

One because of bad foods and diet, and lifestyle, no exercise, and stress, overworking, too hard, many late nights, no self-love.

We can get you back to peak health and performance with diet and lifestyle coaching in London

I have helped many clients over 20 years to get their health and fitness back in London and online all over the world.

  1. You will be working with master CHEK Practitioner one to one 20 years coaching
  2. You will do an in-depth lab testing to uncover any rooted problems
  3. You will get a free copy of Scott new book
  4. You will be asked to complete a 10-day food diary every month to keep you motivate;
  5. you will get an online exerciser program
  6. Scott will keep coaching you till your dreams and goals are Achieved
  7. We can work with you one line or in you home or can come to us
  8. Scott results are guaranteed!

Scott new book

Recent Results:

 coaching    . ” it, not a sprint, it takes time but it’s worth it all makes sense. But remember this is a marathon”


I had my reasons for calling Scott. Nothing to do with physical fitness. I work out 3 times a week plus yoga and dog walking. I had issues and anxiety but had them under control with antidepressants and a therapist.

I have 3 adult children, 1 with severe learning disabilities.
Then I met Scott.
I spent the day with him and can honestly say that my life and my outlook on life has changed. Immensely better! After 8 months I have quit the meds and am using a natural alternative. I was skeptical of his methods but after that day I have embraced them and am looking forward to another session. I have followed all his advice, no point in doing this otherwise and it’s hard to put into words what he has done for me and my family (my son especially)
So, I could go on and on but I won’t! But I will say this.  It has been and is amazing and all makes sense. But remember this is a marathon and not a sprint, it takes time but it’s worth it x

Shelly Long CHEK Exercise coach



 “more energy and more downtime, with less stress. Highly recommended”.

Corrective Exercise has been gaining with Scott since January after fractured rib whilst skiing. As result I have completely renovated my diet, training program and lifestyle for the better, I am stronger, leaner and have more energy and more downtime, with less stress. Highly recommended.

Jane Physiotherapist Harley Street


weight loss Scott with his expertise combine with his bowls and instruments took me to another dimension”

I had a sound healing with Scott Bryant, and I can say that it was a unique experience. Scott with his expertise combine with his bowls and instruments took me to another dimension of conscience. I left my session feeling very energised e relaxed, with the understanding that the ability to yield is a strength not a weakness, like a tree swaying in the wind… It is a state of deep inner relaxation that aligns us with our true nature and with the nature of existence. The more deeply you relax, the more you nourished by life. It leads to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The more you let go and relax, the more at one with yourself and with a life you become. Scott Bryant is a messenger on your healing jour